Lost Words: Beyond The Page

Lost Words is a game based on psychological coping mechanism, the story is about a young girl named Izzy who is being mentored by her grandmother. When all of the sudden the grandmother lands in the hospital she uses her diary as a coping mechanism, as you go on you have to use the games drag and drop mechanics in order to finish the game. Also the game uses a drag and drop mechanism to interact with the environment around you. You have to literally have to drag the words to complete challenges,  as well as using visual elements to complete the story. The game gives you choice of characters, Izzy draws inspiration from her real life happenings. The story starts light and whimsical but gradually starts to turn dark as the game progresses, thoughts come to life with the environment.

The diary half is intimate and has personal music composition, the world that was created in the diary is called Estoria, a high upbeat pixaresque type of world. With this game the player feels what Izzy feels, while playing this game have have to use the literal meaning to affect the environment around you. In this game you have to drag a word to have the action occur. As you are playing words get added to your word book that can be used as some sort of spell book, when you start to play the game you character will get items that will be used at a later time in the game.

To make this game the studio worked with the welcome trust in england. This game will have 8 chapters they each start off in the diary and then transition into the world of Estoria. This game will be coming to all the major consoles as well as to Steam. I honestly believe this game will be amazing, while I was playing the little bit that I got to play I was honestly sucked in and can wait to see what the final copy looks like. We will have to see when the game launches later this year. This is for a sure one of the games I would recommend !

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