Light Of Atlantis

Control the water situation in the fiefdom to detect your expressway through Atlantis. Explore the miraculous heights of the sea and break long forgotten mystifications. In this 2D- mystification- Metroidvania you sail on a trip to the mesmerizing heights of the sea and discover the secrets of Atlantis. The characters capability to snappily revise between bounding on land and swimming under water creates a special gameplay handyperson. Control the water situation in various apartments by interacting with nonidentical manners of controllers. The water influences the fiefdom, enemies, mystification rudiments and the character itself. exercise this to give you an advantage in any situation. Atlantis is a position full of senior mystifications and mystifications. exercise the water and the robot’s special capacities to lick the expostulations ahead and beat unlooked- for obstacles. Secrets expect and tell of a story long lost in the depressed municipality of Atlantis. Its inhabitants dissolved eons agone and only beasties from the heights remain. But what actually happened to the formerly prosperous society?

This game is very fun and entertaining, with a side of puzzles for your enjoyment. When you start to play this game you will not want to stop. You are on a journey to find out what happened to a once prosperous Atlantis, and to discover the secrets that it holds. When you start to play this game you will not want to put it down. With awesome graphics and sounds you will fall in love with this game!

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