About Us

Techie Overload is a brainchild of Brian Depaul , this site started as a Geek Gamer blog.com site until the domain Geek Gamer was registered and he fun began. For three years Geek Gamer was about game reviews and the occasional comic book review. As time passed Brian expanded the content in to tech, gaming, manga and a few other things. Once that occurred Brian realized that Geek Gamer wasn’t going to encompass everything that Brian had in mind. With this being said Geek Gamer is still around just to a different degree, and at the moment everything is being focused onto Mainframe Gaming. This includes Techie Overload, and over the next few months the team is going to start to branch out into a big project that will bring Mainframe/Techie Overload to the forefront into the light. With Mainframe , I am planning to make the brand a big household name for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. Also branching off of Techie Overload is Techies’ Travels which is a site focused on travel to bring you all different travel destinations and things to do at each of them. That is slated to be released by the end of 2025. So please keep it tuned in for further news!