In Another World with my Smartphone Vol1

In this intriguing narrative, we are introduced to a young man by the name of Touya Mochizuki, who is fifteen years of age. He experiences the rather unfortunate event of being struck down by a misdirected bolt of lightning, originating from none other than the deity himself. It is an extraordinary circumstance that results in God expressing regret and offering a second chance at life in a mystical realm. Remarkably, Touya is permitted to retain possession of his smartphone during this new existence, which serves as an unconventional tool in his upcoming endeavors.

The manga edition in question provides a delightful experience, enhanced by the creator’s decision to include numerous elements that the anime adaptation omits. I find this volume particularly engaging as it not only introduces the protagonist and the fundamental plot but also captures the essence of the series with great efficacy.

The premise revolves around Touya, who after being accidentally dispatched by an errant lightning bolt in a celestial mishap, is compensated by God with an opportunity to be reborn in a different world. There is, however, a unique condition—Touya requests the continued use of his smartphone, a request graciously granted by the accommodating deity. Consequently, Touya begins his life anew in the Kingdom of Belfast.

Upon his arrival, Touya’s unusual attire draws attention, leading to an encounter with a local merchant. This results in an exchange where Touya parts with his clothes for a sum of money and a new set of garments more befitting the era.

As an avid reader, I am filled with anticipation for the development of this series and am particularly keen on observing the distinctions between this manga and its anime counterpart. The unfolding chapters promise to offer a captivating divergence from the previously established narrative. I earnestly invite fellow enthusiasts to keep abreast with the unfolding story of Touya, as there is a palpable excitement surrounding the evolution of his character. Let us await with interest what the next installment has to offer.

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