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Techie Overload

Techie is the owner of Techie Overload , as well of Mainframe Gaming , Techies’ Travel , and a few other ventures that are yet to be announced. Techie also known as Brian Depaul , is an IRL streamer who loves to travel to different cities in the US as well as to many countries in Europe. He has been to France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. He has also been to 11 out of the 50 states, hoping to finish all 50 at some point with in the next 5 years. Techie started as a gaming streamer on twitch and as the time progressed he felt like he didn’t want to just be sitting at his desk, he saw the opportunity in IRL streaming and made the switch. He started with streaming from his phone and slow progressed until her was able to get a deal with LiveU for their IRL backpack, which is what he is currently using. If you ever see Techie while he is traveling please feel free to stop him and say hello!