My Poison Princess Is Still Cute Vol 1

Poisonous Princess Raffi and Immortal Knight Loren, what could be a  more suitable couple for lovers?” Because when people are around Raffy, most of the time they are… naturally caused by her toxic emissions. Because you will die. Still, Loren never likes her because he only married her to protect her humanity as part of a peace treaty with her demons. Like: she likes her. Because even if she wasn’t killed  forever,  it must be painful when she dies…so why does he keep acting like he loves her with all her heart…? ” (Yen Press). An episodic comedy series will be successful or depends on the  ability of the cartoonist to skillfully stick to the theme  or present an exciting story  told in short intervals (manga format) Therefore, it may fail. My Dokuhime wa Still Cute by Chihiro Sakitake manages to appease both approaches, and is one of those rare cases where the  three-volume version gives more reason to believe the series will continue to be interesting until the end. It is one. This work is a joke that is repeated over and over again, with slight variations in the circumstances surrounding the scenario and the characters. 

This is the death of the immortal knight Loren, who caused a strong emotional reaction in the poisonous demon Laffy, whom he was courting. Capable of reappearing in the closest outfit available, the manga keeps returning to the exact punchline of the prince re-entering the room in absurd attire. There are other gags, but by the time you leave  the series, they’ll probably become brilliant gags because of the repetition.   For those who like repetitive comedy, this book will remain humorous throughout. But this approach can also alienate some readers who want a larger story, especially those who want a more meaningful romantic perspective. My Princess Poison Is Still Cute lacks depth, and while it’s interesting, it doesn’t really exude much beyond your initial reaction. This book is a model for casual reading, but not everyone is looking for that experience.   

Chihiro Sakutake’s visual approach is also easy to implement. Still, Sakutake does a good job of expressing the  comedic elements and the characters’ personalities. The images between chapters also show  more refined artistic taste/skill than  the panels. The overall impression would be “fair” to most people in terms of artistry. However, due to its focus on comedy, the important elements of art are well implemented, allowing this book to work in this genre.   

My Princess Poison Is Still Cute is  a welcome addition to the library for those who like absurdist moments without having to commit too much. It’s also ideal as a three-volume series, with no shortage of iterative approaches to comedy. Yes, it’s a nauseating joke, but it remains consistently sweet and funny from the first page. There’s nothing wrong with having fun  as long as  you want. If you’re looking for depth  and variety in your stories, look elsewhere.

If this is the way the manga is going to continue, it sounds like it is going to be an awesome series to follow, and so far it has been very comical and enjoyable. Hope that they can continue the dynamics that they have going in this volume and run with it. I cant wait to see what the future holds for this series and hopefully it goes all the way and ends up being made into anime series! One could hope right? 

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