Honey Trap Shared House Vol 1

Hayato is an expert in espionage, and his most recent project is the Familia Shared House, a fictitious home designed to entice enemy spies and win them over to his cause. But even Hayato could never have imagined that Seraphy, his childhood infatuation who was fully matured and had curves capable of igniting a global controversy, would be the first resident! Now, it’s libido versus libido and spy against spy, with other gorgeous covert women ready to join in on the fun!

    I found this manga really interesting in the genere, it does have a PA warning so with that said this is not for children. In this volume you are introduced to the Main character who is trying to catch a spy that has infiltrated their midst. But what happens is that the spy turns out to be his childhood friend!!! When it comes down to the first issue its about both of the childhood friends are trying to turn each other to the other side so that nobody has to be eliminated. But in this volume, a third party gets introduced into the picture and all hell breaks loose. 

    I truly loved this issue and can’t wait to see what they do in the further volumes, this is one of those to keep an eye out and watch the chaos ensue. I love the deciet around every corner and how nicely that it is intriduced! Let’s hope that it keeps up with this pace in the next volumes. Because I can only tell that it will be chaos and madness from here on out, and honestly I cant wait to see who caves first ! That will show who is best at being the better spy! In the final words of this all I have to say is….LET THE ESPIONAGE WAR BEGIN!!!  

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