Zero Sievert

The world has ended. ZERO Sievert charges you to clear the device in multiple areas, all set in a fictional post-apocalyptic Eastern European setting. You have your base of operations, your hideout, your merchants, your relay station, and your own territory, ensuring success when walking through the jungle.

But once you enter the wilderness of the Wasteland, things don’t go so well. Throughout the game’s five biomes, you’ll start out with only a gun and a bottle of water before grabbing things, eliminating thieves, and most importantly, bringing it back to life. And be warned; Radiation may disturb some of the local wildlife… a wild area worth exploring. The map creation process makes each journey different, with varying hideouts, loot locations and layouts. With more than five maps to explore, be sure to upgrade for entry, exit, and healing and learn the secrets of each map. Weapon Modifications

Kill the beasts to suit your game with over 35 unique weapons and 150 mods that can be combined to create your greatest threat in destruction Destruction of Zero Sievert. Craft weapons to suit your style or focus on stats to become the best hunter. Loot and Quests A variety of quest lines will take you into the world of Zero Sievert. By talking to various characters, you will gradually open documents and learn about this forgotten world. In addition, there are over 100 different items to loot that can be used to create new items, improve your own base, and trade. The developers describe this content as follows: Blood and violence are depicted in pixel art mode. Some of the language adults use can be found in interactions and conversations.

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