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    Silent Hope

     Silent Hope is a dungeon-crawling Action-RPG by Marvellous and XSeed Games centered in the setting of Rune Factory and Story of Seasons. With the comfortable woods of Mineral Town behind me, I eagerly exchange my pitchfork for… another pitchfork?   In a land devoid of voice, you play as one of seven silent heroes, led by a Princess trapped in a crystalline tear. Your mission is to journey into an ever-changing Abyss of monsters and darkness, find the King who dwells within, and rescue the kingdom from the curse of silence. You’ll need the assistance of your comrades in arms, as well as enough food to fill a banquet hall and…

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    Vampire Survivors

        I, like many PC gamers, have grown accustomed to spending a single-digit amount of money on games on Steam over the years. For example, I managed to purchase the 40-cent version of the videogame ‘Deus Ex’: Invisible War, which I believe was the average cost of a game during the ‘Great Depression’. I never played the game, but the value was undeniable. With this in mind, I believe ‘Vampire Survivors’ to be one of the ‘best deals’ available on PC gaming. It is an innovative, surprise-filled ‘bullet hell’ roguelike that will run on almost any device, and I found myself muttering the ‘one more run’ mantra at one o’clock…

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    Light Of Atlantis

    Control the water situation in the fiefdom to detect your expressway through Atlantis. Explore the miraculous heights of the sea and break long forgotten mystifications. In this 2D- mystification- Metroidvania you sail on a trip to the mesmerizing heights of the sea and discover the secrets of Atlantis. The characters capability to snappily revise between bounding on land and swimming under water creates a special gameplay handyperson. Control the water situation in various apartments by interacting with nonidentical manners of controllers. The water influences the fiefdom, enemies, mystification rudiments and the character itself. exercise this to give you an advantage in any situation. Atlantis is a position full of senior…

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             It’s difficult to disregard the conspicuous motivation behind 30XX ($19.99 for the PC and Nintendo Switch), an activity platformer from engineer Batterystaple Games: This run-and-weapon roguelike follows the long-lethargic Uber Man X series. It does as such to incredible impact, and expands upon its 10-year-old ancestor 20XX by offering a great graphical redesign, a few engaging game modes, tight controls, innovative weapons for impacting foe robots, and close endless, local area produced levels. Therefore, 30XX procures our Editors’ Decision grant. 30XX is intensely enlivened by the Uber Man X series, with its two playable characters (Nina and Expert) reviewing X and Zero. A lot of time has…

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    Super Catboy

          The action-packed platformer Super Catboy from PixelPogo takes you on a journey as a badass cat battling against your worst enemies, dogs, in the style of the 16-bit era in the 1990s. In order to defeat Dr. Ungefug, your main objective in the game is to run, jump, dash, and fight your way through snow-capped mountains and abandoned factories. On this quest to eliminate Catboy’s creator, you are accompanied by a crazy sidekick named Weapongirl. The gameplay of Super Catboy is similar to that of a standard platformer. You must jump on enemies to advance through levels, negotiate difficult platforms that have spikes and other hazards, and engage…

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    Fall Of Porcupine

          You are Finley, an anthropomorphized bird. You recently relocated to Porcupine, a small town where everybody knows everyone. As a junior doctor, you’ve only recently begun working at the community hospital, and already things are getting a little out of hand. Along with trying to maintain some semblance of a social life outside of your demanding hospital shifts and meeting your boss’ expectations, you also make an effort to get to know the other people in the community. However, the career you’ve chosen starts to wear on you, and before long, everything will go to shit. Although the story didn’t need to go through so many hoops to…

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        Many of us undoubtedly enjoyed the silly arcade game Peglin the past. The straightforward act of kicking a ball and scoring points was always entertaining and quite comical. Red Nexus Games has created Peglin, a game that combines the skills of bouncing orbs and stones around cleverly and thematically designed arenas to accumulate damage to throw at approaching enemies. But what if someone took that straightforward ball-bouncing game and turned it into an epic adventure?     In a way, Peglin is both a rogue-like game and an adventure game. Each battle, each find, and each throw become more significant and interesting because of the sense of permanent death and…

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    Zero Sievert

    The world has ended. ZERO Sievert charges you to clear the device in multiple areas, all set in a fictional post-apocalyptic Eastern European setting. You have your base of operations, your hideout, your merchants, your relay station, and your own territory, ensuring success when walking through the jungle. But once you enter the wilderness of the Wasteland, things don’t go so well. Throughout the game’s five biomes, you’ll start out with only a gun and a bottle of water before grabbing things, eliminating thieves, and most importantly, bringing it back to life. And be warned; Radiation may disturb some of the local wildlife… a wild area worth exploring. The map…

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      AK-xolotl is a game with an elevator pitch right in the title. The newest from Playstack and developer 2Awesome Studio is high on the “we came up with the title first” list, but it also appears to be a fun time. The top-down roguelite shooter now has a release date as well as a teaser showcasing its fast-paced explosions. for September 14, 2023, this axolotl with an AK will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam.

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      In the Symphonia world, music is the source of life and energy. But as the founders and their orchestra disappeared, the inhabitants were divided and the world slowly fell silent. What if there was a way to create a new orchestra? This is the question that Philemon, the mysterious musician in “Symphony,” must answer. Play as a mysterious filmmaker resurrected in a fallen world. Your violin and bow are both your instrument and your tool. Remove yourself from the world and complete levels by solving exciting platforming challenges while reactivating the machines that bring life and energy to the world. Explore the world of music as an orchestra and…