In the Symphonia world, music is the source of life and energy. But as the founders and their orchestra disappeared, the inhabitants were divided and the world slowly fell silent. What if there was a way to create a new orchestra? This is the question that Philemon, the mysterious musician in “Symphony,” must answer. Play as a mysterious filmmaker resurrected in a fallen world. Your violin and bow are both your instrument and your tool. Remove yourself from the world and complete levels by solving exciting platforming challenges while reactivating the machines that bring life and energy to the world. Explore the world of music as an orchestra and colorful characters. Each area of Symphonia has its own feel and character, and each room is handcrafted. Meet great musicians and try to convince them to join the band. Special music by composer Olivier Esman, based on the Romantic music period. Enjoy the Paris Orchestra performance recorded and composed specifically for the score by composer Olivier Esman and his team. An integrated presentation focusing entirely on a single instrument: strings, woodwinds and woodwinds. Explore, travel, play the violin, write music. Thanks for singing. Experience and overcome great challenges using all of Philemon’s abilities. Explore various locations that combine music and technology, and play the violin to unlock elements and bring the kingdom to life. Gather your musical talents for an exciting show that will bring music, joy and glory back to this country.

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