AnimeNYC 2022


A convention that happens once a year, it drives in a ton of otakus from all over the tristate NYC area. This year the con was getting into normality, but you still had to wear a mask but many people didn’t adhere to that. There weren’t many vendors, but the ones that where there were scattered throughout the Javits Center. This year they used the pavilion building for artist alley. One good thing about the convention was artist alley! They had a ton of artist to choose from. You could get lost in all the artwork that was in there, I loved so much of it. Even though there where a lot of artist, they were all spaced out well and organized. The map of where all of the artist were was up to date and accurate.

Going back to the show floor, there were many vendors, but many of them where selling the same thing. Some were also overcharging, this was off putting that there wasn’t a larger variation of items up for sale. Their were major brands and artists there and that alleviated the content a bit, but still wasn’t enough. Also a few vendors from the show floor didn’t even show up to the convention. When looking around there were a few empty spots on the show floor with company names that didn’t even come to the show. There were still a lot of people attending the event , and that was an awesome thing to see. Due to COVID a lot of the conventions were cancelled or dumbed down drastically. 

Walking around the convention center it was plain to see , the Leftfield couldn’t keep up with enforcing the mask rule. People would wear them to get into the convention center then once inside they would either pull it down or not wear them at all. To be honest, it was hot as hell inside the convention center so there were many people who didn’t even wear it. It was all in all a great convention but there were a few hiccups to the event, but everything went off without a hitch. I have to commend Leftfield and the Javits Center for such an awesome way of handling the convention , and the con goers!

This convention was all in all a great experience , even with its ups and downs. I loved the content that they had within the convention as well as the panels. The coordination of the panels was top notch, organized from beginning to end, it was awesome. When it came to the maintenance of the lines before the panels and exits from them something you barely see nowadays. When I saw that I thought it was awesome because it’s something you don’t see at many events. All in all the event was amazing and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. 

(Con ticket provided to attend the event)

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