Wonderland Nights: The White Rabbit Diaries

Summits are important meetings where nations come together to talk and make deals. They can be very intense and stressful to organize. In Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit’s Diary, you get to experience what it’s like to manage a summit, which can be very exciting but also risky and nerve-wracking. Wonderland Nights shows what happened in the world after Alice left. When Alice left and the Queen of Hearts was replaced by another noble, you might think that the world of Wonderland would calm down a bit, but it hasn’t. Displaced nobles, changes in royal power, and other strange happenings are occurring, and a new meeting is going to gather the four groups to talk about important legal issues.

You pretend to be the White Rabbit and need to plan the entertainment, seating and pairing of the twelve people coming to the meeting. You must try your hardest to get the voting results that the Queen of Hearts wants and also find out hidden information about the different nobles under your responsibility. Wonderland Nights is designed to be played many times. As you go through the game, you will discover the secrets, preferences, and dislikes of the characters and write them down. Every set of cards has a powerful ruler and their partner, as well as an important person from their country. It appears that a lot of the important people in Wonderland are related to each other, which makes the summit a complicated web of personal connections. Two of the Queens are related as sisters, and another Queen is also related to two of the Kings as siblings.

Some of the marriages between people in the displaced nations and nobles are recent or only done for political reasons. This means that there is a lot of competition and conflict between certain individuals because of their past. Actually, it’s very likely to discover a secret during the first summit round, and once one secret is found, another will quickly be discovered. The way to play the game is very easy. You just match up the twelve people at the event to do things together. Some people might not like playing croquet, so they can talk instead. Others might really enjoy the activity and become closer friends. However, every representative has different preferences for each voting session at the summit (such as legalizing war or banning magic), so they will often talk, argue, or try to convince each other about these topics.

Sky Bear Games has done a great job of using the Alice in Wonderland story to make a political mystery game. It’s a simple game, but it’s considered high quality because it has over 3000 lines of conversation, and most of them are spoken out loud. I was very surprised to see that characters like The Caterpillar and Lewis’ Jabberwock were included in the story of Wonderland Nights. This shows that the writing of the book is really great. This game was an  amazing playthrough and I can’t wait to replay this game. This is a nice chill game if you want to just have a chill day. 

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