Wonderboy Anniversary


Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection is an excellent compilation of the Wonder Boy series that was recently released only a few months ago. It includes all four of the games in the series, as well as a few more that were added recently. I didn’t mention it in my original review, but the collection also includes a bonus game that wasn’t in the original releases. Overall, it’s an excellent compilation that features hours of old-school gameplay that will delight fans of the series as well as those

The Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection includes two games with the same title: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap and Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair. The first is a more arcade-style game with auto-scrolling levels and more in line with a shoot ’em up, while the second is a 2D action platformer. The collection includes both games with co-op multiplayer for two players.

While the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection only included one model of each game, all six games in this place include numerous models that originally launched on consoles. There are also location differences, such as the Sega label III (Japanese conquer System) and Sega Mega Guide. In my opinion, the optimum models were launched for arcade, Sega Genesis, and conquer scheme (for The Dragon’s Trap) but it’s cool to encounter the other ports for a glimpse into a time capsule.

I find the Wonder Boy SG-1000 model to be humorous because it’s scrolling is so difficult to see. I also enjoy playing Wonder Boy in the Monster Globe for conquering schemes, but overall the Game Gear launches are more enjoyable. I hope that the TurboGrafx-16 models were provided because they add an original look and feel to the classics, while at times they are still more fun to play. Specifically, The Dragon’s Trap (aka Dragon’s Curse) is good on the treat.

Thankfully, Wonder Boy anniversary Collection packs in more bonus content material than the unique compilation but it could still use a lot more. For example, there’s still only 1 wallpaper and there isn’t any way to hear the soundtracks. On the plus side, the most remarkable addition are maps for bar none model of each game that is fantastic, mainly for Monster world IV. The illustration gallery is a lot larger, too, with oodles of artwork, sketches, manual and cover scans, and developer notes in Japanese. Overall, the amazing number of images and maps that you may seamlessly scroll and zoom are undoubtedly considerable additions so I can’t complain that much..

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