What Comes After

Ever play a game that makes you show all your emotions? If you have not then this is the game for you. This story follows a young woman as she ends up falling asleep on the train ride home and ends up waking up on the train ride to the afterlife, and for the whole duration of the trip you are basically talking to all the passangers who are on that train to pass on. You get an understanding of what being alive truly means, this game is a nice calming side scroller which will only take you 90 mins to beat. This game does have its moments of sadness but from that sadness comes out the best of the story. By the end of the game you are renewed and have a new sense of what being alive truly means! This game has choices that will make you think what should you do, react or do nothing. I really loved this game and I see that the replay value is low but it’s totally worth it just to go through that experience all over again. Hopefully the studio who makes this game keeps the game play style for their future games. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who wants a chill game for the day. 

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