SAM (Personal Game Assistant)

In an odd turn of events Ubisoft has done something for gamers that many companies should think of doing. Many gamers would like to be help with some aspects of games in and out. With Ubisoft SAM you have your own personal assistant. It tells you what you have to do in aspects of challenges. With this app you can make plans with friends to take on challenges. This is what Ubisoft said : With Sam, spend more time playing and less time searching! Developed by Ubisoft Club, Sam leverages your profile information, game library, friends and community to deliver tailored and dedicated tips and information about your Ubisoft games. Sam is available in English only and in Canada for now. It can be accessed through the free Ubisoft Club app. This is a tech that any gamer can get behind, I can see that this is going to take off. I can’t wait to see what they do with this addition to the app. I love the idea of a one hub for everything gaming, I hope it turns into a go to app for everything Ubisoft gaming!

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