Ravenous Devils

 The delicious smell of seasoned meat makes people hungry and they come to your restaurant to eat. They bite into delicious meals, wondering why they’ve never tried something so good before. The news about your restaurant’s unique flavors spread fast, and you have to add more tables and improve your ability to chop meat because of the increased number of customers. This busy restaurant is connected to a cute small shop where you can also buy your meat. If someone comes in for a fitting, they will be hurt by a sharp knife, and then their dead body will be thrown into the basement. There, the body will be cut into pieces and made into a delicious steak or meat pie. Ravenous Devils is about a tailor who kills many people and his wife who cooks and loves him. 

They both want to become wealthy no matter what it takes. This game is really scary and violent – you get to see brutal killings, bodies being chopped, and experience moments in the story that are extremely creepy. Ravenous Devils is like a mix of Sweeney Todd and a cooking game. It captivated me with its story full of suspense about whether the characters would get caught. The gameplay is focused on timers, which keep you engaged and give you new things to do and different outcomes. The game developer Bad Vices Games has made a game that is both dark and fun. The game is designed in a way that keeps players interested without getting boring or repetitive.

The strange and creepy cooking is similar to a game where you just give directions to the characters on where to go and what to get. The simplicity makes it easy for Hildred, the chef, to take a piece of human meat, mix it with other things, and cook it in an oven. Percival is a tailor who can make clothes, hurt people with his scissors, and take care of a garden. You can easily switch control between these twisted souls with just one click. The aim is to make sure that the clothing shop and restaurant have enough items available on their shelves. When people go into a store or restaurant, a timer shows up above their head and counts down while they wait for what they want to get. The more quickly you give them what they want, the more money they will give you in return. This motivates you to switch quickly between the two jobs to ensure that Percival and Hildred are both working hard. If you don’t reach them in time and they leave angry, your reputation will be negatively affected.

The flow of the game is divided into days, and each day only lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes. This quick and busy feeling feels perfect because it matches the fast rhythm. Both members of the murderous duo do not need much guidance for their tasks and they all rely on having the right timing. You want to make every second count in a day and not waste any time. The aim is to make the best use of time and find a way to switch between tasks to properly attend to each guest. It’s an enjoyable and messy combination of cooking and sewing. At the end of the day, you close the store and now it’s time to use your money to buy useful things to improve the shop. You can make your meat grinder work better and produce more meat, put more mannequins to sell clothes, and grow new vegetables in the greenhouse. You can also treat yourself to things like alcohol that helps calm down anxious shoppers, hire someone to help with serving food, and even get a cat to catch mice (which you can serve as a treat to guests).

Moving a cursor may seem easy, but it can be frustrating when it doesn’t go where you want it to or when you can’t move to the next task right away. Sometimes, I would have moments where I clicked on the meat I wanted to cook and then clicked on the workstation to place it there. Instead of taking the meat, Hildred would go to the work area and take the plate instead. It’s just a 15-second error, but it can cause a lot of problems. While you are busy with all the cooking and sewing frenzy, you sometimes get letters from someone named ā€œJā€ who is a big fan of yours and knows about your activities. He seems more and more creepy the more documents you read. The end of the game wasn’t very satisfying, but the story leading up to it was enjoyable to follow. It helped me handle the disturbing content because it was well-crafted and thoroughly developed.

The violence in the story may be very intense and disgusting at times, but the good animations, attractive restaurants, and interesting story made me keep watching until the end. Ravenous Devils is very different from anything else, and not everyone will like it, but it’s clearly well-made and strangely enjoyable.

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