Ninjin: Clash of Carrots


A beat ’em up with anime characteristics called Ninjin: Clash of Carrots features ninjas, a wide variety of foes, and deep customization. Play through side-scrolling stages made up of different planets as you collect carrots, a form of cash that can be used to buy new gear at the Corgi Store or unique weapons, masks, and other accessories at the Shady Shop. In 2-player online or local co-op, grab a friend to play with you.

The main objective of Donkey Kong Country 1’s plot, but with carrots instead of bananas, is to recover your stolen horde of carrots while playing as a ninja rabbit. A plethora of unlocked weaponry and balance in the stamina system make up the gimmick of this button masher. The player will eventually encounter a variety of absurd weaponry, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, which reminds me a lot of Castle Crashers. While some weapons may be short but attack swiftly, others may be more powerful but produce fewer attacks per second at a large cost to the stamina meter. Unfortunately, when an increasing number of weapons and equipment are unlocked, inventory management gets difficult.

 Carrots will fall from defeated foes. Using carrots, one can purchase new tools, accessories, and adornments for costumes. Players must grind if they want to gather them all. There are no RPG leveling mechanics, to be clear. The only equipment the player has access to is new, and frequently not superior. This seems like a missed chance.

This game is fun and fast paced, this game is a game you can beat in a few hours of casual play.  I have already beat this game two times over and already started my third play through, I love this game to the point where I will replay it multiple times. This is of those games where you can keep playing and won’t get bored. If you have the opportunity to try this game, go for it! 

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