New York International Auto Show 2022

So today marked the second day to the NYIAS in NYC, there are so many cars and features that will make scream for joy. A lot of these cars look straight out of the movies. The car companies are taking a page straight from Hollywood and making the cars that one would only dream of seeing in the movies. When you walk through the show floor you’ll run into a lot of cars that I will say look a little cookie cutter but if you look closely you’ll see that they do differentiate in a few aspects be in features or physical aspects. I am looking for a few features that most of these cars have but I won’t find out until I get to talk with the reps a little more tomorrow or Saturday.

 I want to know which cars has a futuristic looking HUD as well as self parking, and fuel efficiency. As of right now I saw a hydrogen car from Mercedes Benz that left me mesmerized and with that (Not only Mercedes) car companies are jumping on the hydrogen bandwagon. I can’t wait to see what other features these cars have and what else the car makers have to show this week. The biggest trend that I saw at the show was the self driving cars. Every brand from Honda to Nissan were showing their variation of their self driving car. 

This in itself was an awesome thing to see, as to say that we are literally propelling into the future! When looking at the new cars coming into the production they have made the cars more futuristic in the sense of bigger central console. when you look into the car itself you don’t see the small space in between anymore. You see a nice luxurious center console, this is an awesome new addition that made many people grin at the show. From kids to adults! 

 If you tweet the brands to either @techieoverload (instagram for more pics) I can re-tweet with the 2022 picture of the car straight from the floor. Hope you guys will keep it here as I show you the brand new cars the companies have to show.  

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