New York Comicon 2021


  One of the cons post pandemic, and just to say God damn was it amazing! There were alot of vendors coming through and artist alley was packed as usual. But the slowly but surely,  the vibe is coming back to NYC! Ever since Covid took our freedom(or so to say) everyone has been itching about when cons would be coming back. With this answer comicon was the first con back ! They were able to show that a pandemic wasn’t going to stop anyone ! 

                                 Credit: Dia Dipasupil-Getty Images for ReedPOP

When they posted the tickets,  they were doing 60 or 65 % capacity at that time. Because NYC was still under restrictions in place by the Gouverneur. Even with the restrictions to the surprise of nobody , it sold well(I don’t know if it sold out through the course of the first day). When I was there there were many cosplayers,  gamers and streamers! This was amazing to have the community back at it and meet up with old friends that we haven’t seen in years !! LITERALLY !! So when it came down to it , it was a reunion convention more then anything. 

                               Credit: Bryan Bedder -Getty Images For ReedPOP

The show floor was amazing in itself, they had many vendors and exhibitors. Albeit that many big names pulled out from the con as well. But it was still fun seeing everything that they had to offer. When I was walking around the floor , the con had anime , comics , figures and many options for the nerd enthusiasts. The panels , were well organized and many were honestly packed! Due to the fact that they were some of the last thing to close at night after the show floor. I attended a fee good ones that I would have never thought of if some con goers didn’t say let’s go take a look. All in all NYCC blew it out of the park and I hop that this year’s con goes super amazing and that they take out all of the stops ! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2022 ! 

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