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So the NES CLASSIC EDITION isn’t coming back!!! According to polygon Nintendo just killed the system ! The reasoning behind the action is because the system wasn’t suppose to stick around! It was supposed to be release only as a limited time event and only receive one wave, but it got so popular that it stuck around. I would say if you haven’t gotten your hands on one I would say get to eBay or check out Best Buy to see if they have any in stock because now once they are gone they are gone. We know that Nintendo won’t be bringing them back anytime soon. The other rumors rolling around is that they are discontinuing this because the SNES classic might be coming out soon and they don’t want thew NES to eat away at the SNES Classics profits. Again the SNES classic is just a speculation so that’s not official on any angle. My advice to all of those reading this is to go out ASAP and see if you can grab a few NES Classics before they get discontinued. As always good luck and I will be keeping you posted on any new information from Nintendo. Below I have include 3 links to Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy. Hope this helps. I will update if there is any change to this. 

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