INNER SPACE First thought

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I have never played a game so interesting as this one. When the game starts up you’re an archaeologist of the Inverse and have unlocked the door of the Ancients. As his cartographer, it is your purpose to soar through virgin skies, dive into lost oceans, and chart the unknown. In a mind-bending world of inverted physics, discover relics of the past and uncover the true history of the Inverse, and what that holds for its people, its gods, and its future. So far this game is awesome, the only two problems that I am having is learning the controls and that they are really generous with the clues on what you have to do to complete the level. This goes for both the keyboard/mouse combo & the controller, I honestly think that if you were to use a controller for any PC game I suggest this one. This game will have you on the edge of your seat and I don’t mean because of horror but just because it looks FANTASTIC! This game is the perfect game to play when you have hours to kill.
You won’t regret playing this game. as I progress playing this game I will write a follow up of my review. Also I will most likely be streaming this game in the next two weeks, I can’t wait to see what this game holds for the player. So far I am left speechless, and honestly they have done such a tremendous job with this endeavor. If this is what Aspyr(Publisher) and PolyKnight Games(Developer) have to offer us in the terms of content then we are in for one hell of a trip.

Lets see if they can keep this momentum flying(Pun intended) then I can only see great things in the future. I don’t have a scoring system in place for games because honestly, when I like any game that I have played I recommend it to my friends and fellow gamers. As I said prior to this, I would totally recommend this game and I will be seeing this to the end and see what other surprises they have in store for us. This game is currently out for all platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Please keep it tuned, follow on twitter to see what other awesome things I come across.

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