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Are you ever in that situation that you are in the middle of a game and you have to stop because your eyes start to ache and bother you ? Well that is a thing of the past with Gamer Advantage, glasses. No gimmicks and no BS, these glasses are made to cut out the blue light and help you game better for longer! I have been using these glasses for the longest and they are a god send ! 

I also work in front of monitors all day. With that being said when you are sitting in front of a monitor being gaming or work you can give your eyes a little bit of a break. I usually pull 10 to 12 hrs of streams and these things have been really helpful. Not an alternative of taking small breaks in between to give your eyes, a rest. When you have these on you honestly can see the difference in what you are seeing. As well as you will be saving your eyes in the long run! 

I know for a fact that before I would have to take breaks every 2 to 2 1/2 hrs because of the the effects of the monitor. But I have been using these for almost 6 months and I can honestly say that these are fantastic! They have amazing styles for all people as well as they are comfortable, I will seriously be looking into getting more then one pair to vary my collection. One thing which I wish that they would love for them to do is Rx glasses! This would honestly help those like myself who have bad vision.

 Again I honestly think it is in the works, I’m just talking about it to see if I can make this hurry up a little bit! But in the process of making ONE OF THE BEST glasses in the industry, they have made such a fan base for themselves, and I cant wait to see what new innovations they come up with in the near future! But what ever they do I will DEFINITELY be on it !! They make their glasses with high grade material, as well as they are handcrafted for quality, comfort and precision. 

Gamer Advantage glasses are FDA compliant and ANSI certified. The glasses also have a double sided coating of AR to repel water, sweat and fingerprints. These glasses have 100% UV protection, as well as near clear lens that don’t mess with the color.  So you are getting certified quality product that you can trust and a company with a an awesome support team that any thing you may need help with they got you! 

Gamer Advantage gave me a free pair of glasses, this is my honest review. – Brian Depaul

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