Chaos in Union Square during livestreamer Kai Cenat’s giveaway


A big, raucous crowd gathered in Manhattan’s Union Square Park on Friday for livestreamer Kai Cenat’s giveaway, resulting in chaos.  Today Kai sent out a post saying that he was going to be doing giveaways in Union Square, NYC for gaming PCs , gaming consoles among other things. When he posted this he never knew that chaos would ensue in the process. 

Some members of the crowds were observed pulling down construction barriers and hurling items, including some towards responding police officers. The Union Square subway station in New York City is being bypassed. This scene was chaotic and they were way under staffed to handle such a crowd that showed up for the giveaway. Mind you he didn’t have a permit for the giveaway either.

The masses mobbed one vehicle as it attempted to depart, which may have been carrying Cenat. It drove gently past crowds before rushing away, with people clinging to the sides and rear. As the truck raced away, at least three individuals could be seen sliding out into the pavement. At about 5 p.m., Cenat was brought into police custody for questioning. This is a developing story and will be updated as more details come up. 

Photo Credit:CBS

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